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"The funny thing about it is that it's darned good - and really funny!" --Clarence Petersen, Chicago Tribune

"Recommendation: [...] Loxfinger [...] can certainly put you on the right path!" --Edmon J. Rodmond, The Jewish Daily Forward


"If this crazy new book doesn't lighten up the dreary winter evening, I'll give you all my Mother Margolies' Activated Old World Chickenfat." -- George McKinnon, The Boston Globe

On the series:

"My own favorite Bond spoof - Israel Bond, agent Oy Oy 7 - never reached the screen. [...] Now those are movies I'd pay to see!" --Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer

“You don’t have to be Jewish to howl at Oy-Oy-7, and you will, you will!” - Philadelphia Inquirer

"a precursor to the bubbling over of American Jewish pride that was to follow the Six Day War in 1967. In other words, they are good for the Jews." - The Jewish Journal
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